Our services

Our Cloud Consulting and Cybersecurity solutions deliver a holistic approach to help your design, deploy, manage and secure your organization’s infrastructure resources and application workloads in the cloud. Our approach will ensure that your cloud objectives are aligned with your business goals throughout the entire process.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture and Consulting

Our cloud consulting services are centered around understanding your business cases, and helping you design the most fitting and modern infrastructure for your applications that run in our supported cloud platforms

Cloud Adoption and Migration

This service enables you to start enjoying the benefits of the cloud with the right strategy. Our consultants dive into your on-premises workload to help adopt appropriate and modern replacements for your systems and applications

Infrastructure Automation and Management

We can configure, monitor, and optimize the components of your cloud infrastructure, setting up DevOps, DevSecOps, and Infrastructure as Code practices to ensure optimal usage of cloud resources and a highly available application

Cloud Security Assessment and Consulting

We can conduct assessment and provide recommendations for improving the security posture of your cloud infrastructure and workloads. Our services follows industry best-practices and guidelines from CIS and CSA

Cloud Security Engineering

This service focuses on implementing appropriate security controls to your cloud environments. The scope can range from conducting POC, to  IAM implementation and security monitoring setup 

Cloud and Security Training

We provide training video modules and live hands-on sessions to both individual cloud practitioners and our clients employee’s looking to learn how to operate cloud infrastructure and cloud security component